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Mac Users Advised Not to Update to Microsoft Office 2011 14.5.0

There appears to be a widespread issue with the critical update released today for Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac, version 14.5.0. The problem is with Outlook specifically, causing users to no longer be able to open a window for email, contacts, etc. Apparently, this is a bug that has already been fixed once, that has resurfaced somehow in this update.

We do not know if this affects Windows users, but we do know that Microsoft is aware of the matter. So, it’s safe to assume that Microsoft is already working on an update to this update. That said, we advise all users not to update to 14.5.0 to avoid any problems in workflow until the patch is available.

We will keep you all posted once there is more information available. In the meantime, feel free to monitor the discussion about this topic over at the Apple message board here:

UPDATE: Microsoft has finally released an update to the problematic update here: Office Update 14.5.1

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