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Amazon Prime Video Now Available for Apple TV

Now available in more than 100 countries, the Amazon Prime Video app makes its long-awaited debut for third, fourth, and fifth-generation Apple TV models. This is a big deal, as Apple’s set-top box is one of the last platforms to support this streaming service.

In addition to a familiar interface spanning across all other streaming platforms, the Amazon Prime Video app is special to the Apple TV in that utilizes Universal Search, a feature available only to Apple TV that allows users to search for all available Amazon Prime Video content using a system-wide search. In addition to this useful feature, the TV app is also integrated with this streaming service, allowing for even further accessibility.

The streaming service is also available in 4K for televisions sets and a first for 4K Apple TV users. Amazon Prime Video does require an Amazon Prime subscription, for a price of $10.99 per month, or $99 for the entire year.