Apple to Unveil “Airpods” with iPhone 7?

As we inch closer and closer to Apple’s much revered fall press conference, more exciting rumors are making their rounds on the internet regarding the iPhone 7. While it has long been speculated that the iPhone 7 would ditch the headphone jack, more surprising suppositions have been made in terms of how it would be replaced.

According to this alleged leak out of Hong Kong, the new iPhone will be shipped with a set of “Airpods”, Apple’s first standard set of Bluetooth earbuds. Also, along with the new wireless buds they will include an adapter for standard 3.5 mm jack to lightning port.

While this evidence alone might not be so compelling, the “Airpod” headphones are also named on another document filed by Apple to the Eurasian Economic Commission, a regulatory body responsible for trademarks and patents.

All of this combined with the announcement that Apple would be announcing new Beats technology at the same conference is intriguing to say the least.

Credit Synkami/twitter
Credit Synkami/twitter

Air Dre’s? Dre Pods? Only time will tell.

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